CV Matrix Mixer

CV Matrix Mixer (4x4) (MTRX)
[Note: The catalog description below is for the Audio Matrix Mixer (MAX), which is functionally similar to the Control Voltage Matrix Mixer -- the key difference with the latter being that the inputs and outputs are DC-coupled with blue jacks, indicating that they can process CV or audio. The other difference is that the CV Matrix Mixer's four input controls provide full processing control of level and polarity of the input signal.]

The MATRIX MIXER (MAX) is a four-in/four-out mixer with maximum versatility. Each input has four knobs which separately control the level of that input at each of the four outputs. This operation requires the four-by-four matrix. Four additional knobs are included to control the total output level of the four outputs. This arrangement allows the user to set four independent mixes with a separate output level control. Thus, each of the four mixes can be adjusted for the proper output level without affecting the balance of the four input signals. The first two inputs include a phase switch.

Dual Active Processors (ACPR)
The ACTIVE PROCESSOR (ACPR) is an accurate, linear cross-fader for either control voltages or audio signals. This module provides an important link in complex patches, allowing the user to smoothly change from one control voltage to another. It is possible to cross-fade between different envelopes, for example, or to gradually switch control over a bank of oscillators from one output of a sequencer to another output. A scaling buffer is included in the bottom section to further invert and process control voltages.

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