Serge Patch Quick Reference

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Serge Patch Quick Reference

Functions included:

  • Attenuverter (CV-able)
  • Comparator
  • Envelope (AD)
  • Envelope (ADSR)
  • Envelope (AR / ASR)
  • Envelope (ASAR, or backward ADSR)
  • Envelope (complex)
  • Envelope (EOC gate/pulse) (end of cycle)
  • Envelope (EOR gate) (end of rise)
  • Envelope (RAD / RDAD)
  • Envelope Time Modifier
  • Frequency/Pulse Divider
  • Gate Combiner
  • Harmonic Multiplication via PLL (Phase-Locked Loop)
  • Kick Drum
  • Lo-Fi Compressor
  • Lo-Fi Preamp Distortion
  • Logic: Analog AND (A and B)
  • Logic: Analog NAND (A or B or NEITHER)
  • Logic: A only
  • Logic: A or BOTH or NEITHER
  • Logic: AND gate (A and B)
  • Logic: NAND gate (A or B or NEITHER)
  • Logic: NAND gate latch, or Set-Reset Flip-Flop (edge-triggered)
  • Logic: NAND gate latch, or Set-Reset Flip-Flop (level-triggered)
  • Logic: NOR gate (NEITHER)
  • Logic: NOT gate / inverter (not A)
  • Logic: OR gate (A or B or BOTH)
  • Logic: XNOR gate (BOTH or NEITHER)
  • Logic: XOR gate (A or B)
  • Low Pass Filter (LPF)
  • Low Pass Filter (LPF) (4-pole, 24dB/oct)
  • Low Pass Gate (LPG)
  • Mid/Side (M/S) Processor
  • Modulation Control (Depth & Polarity)
  • Oscillator
  • Oscillator (Complex w/ Hard Sync)
  • Oscillator Sync (Hard)
  • Oscillator Sync (Soft)
  • Oscillator Tracking (V/Oct)
  • Pulse Generator
  • Pulse Generator / Chaotic Clocks
  • Pulse Width Control (manual)
  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
  • Random Voltage Generator
  • Random-ish Voltage Generator
  • Rectifier
  • Ring Modulator
  • Sample & Hold
  • Sequence, 64 Steps
  • Sequence, Basic
  • Sequence, Random (Asynchronous)
  • Sequence, Random (Synchronous)
  • Sequence, Rhythmic
  • Sequence, Sections
  • Sequence, Variable Length
  • Staircase Generator
  • Switch, SPDT (1 in / 2 out)
  • Switch, SPDT (2 in / 1 out)
  • Track & Hold
  • VCA (Audio)
  • VCA (Audio) (2 separate VCAs)
  • VCA (Audio) (mono, 2 sources)
  • VCA (Audio) (stereo, 1 source, phase/frequency shifted)
  • VCA (Audio) (stereo, 1 or 2 sources, VC panning)
  • VCA (CV)
  • Voltage Buffer
  • Voltage Follower (incl. slew, glide, portamento)
  • Voltage/Offset Source
  • WAD Extended Delay Times
  • WAD Voltage Controlled Feedback
  • Wave Shaper

While many functions are common to STS Serge and 73-75 Serge (these are indicated in bold above), I've duplicated those functions on their respective tabs since the names of things differ in some cases, and sometimes the patches are completely different. I found it simpler to re-work the patches and use the names of things found on the respective modules.

Keep in mind that the absence of a given function in either place doesn't necessarily mean it's not possible to execute on that flavor of Serge...

So, in addition to those common functions, there are also...

    73-75-specific Functions included:

    • Analog Logic Gate (pseudo-VCA)
    • Envelope (ADSR for keyboard tracking)
    • Gate Delay
    • Gate to Trigger Converter / Inverter
    • Logic: Analog OR (A or B or BOTH)
    • Track & Reset

    The function block abbreviations used throughout the sheet refer to those used in the original Serge Modular Music Systems catalogs from the 1980s, which for a long time were the only place to find information about the Serge. If an abbreviation eludes you, see the "Key" tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

    Please send questions, suggestions for additions, corrections, etc. via the Comments.


    Now that the sheet has become quite long, you may wish to filter the list by function or function block. Once the sheet is open, go to the Data menu and choose Filter Views and then "Create new temporary filter view". The filter you create is unique to your session and only visible to you.

    You'll see a filter symbol at the top of each column along the top row. Use this to narrow what you see, or use the filter's search box to find words of interest. The screenshots below illustrate this.