Processors & Convenience Modules

Active Processor (ACPR)

The ACTIVE PROCESSOR (ACPR) is an accurate, linear cross-fader for either control voltages or audio signals. This module provides an important link in complex patches, allowing the user to smoothly change from one control voltage to another. It is possible to cross-fade between different envelopes, for example, or to gradually switch control over a bank of oscillators from one output of a sequencer to another output. A scaling buffer is included in the bottom section to further invert and process control voltages.

Control Module (C/M)

The CONTROL MODULE (C/M) is provided for economic utilization of extra panel space and as a low-cost source of manual triggers. Also included are two sections for attenuating control voltage or audio signal levels.

Control Voltage Processor (PRO)

Control modules are essential and they can be categorized as two types:
  1. Programmable controls which can happen automatically according to other voltage controls and to manual settings. 
  2. Controllers which are used as performance devices. 
The automatic controls can be as simple as a low frequency oscillator to produce vibrato or slowly moving cyclic changes, or can be very complex. The Touch Activated Keyboard Sequencer, all of the Sequencing Programmers, and the Pitch and Envelope Follower provide powerful performance interfaces between the performer and the instrument(s), and many others can be used. Pressure controllers, joysticks, foot-pedals, electronic keyboards, and other sophisticated controllers such as light sensors, computers and microprocessors are easily connected to the Serge system.

Control voltage processors add another dimension to patches in the analog synthesizer. The Smooth and Stepped Function Generator, the Dual Universal Slope Generator, the Dual Comparator, the Analog Shift Register, the Active Processor, and the Quantizer further extend the hierarchy of sound synthesis and control, and along with some of our specialized audio processors, these sophisticated modules enable synthesis of the highest order.

Dual Processor (PRC)

The DUAL PROCESSOR (PRC) is two independent circuits for adding and inverting control voltages. Full processing control of level and polarity of three inputs voltages Is provided. A manual offset voltage can be set to be added to the other three inputs.

Scaling Buffers (BUFF)

The SCALING BUFFER (BUFF) is useful for controlling two or more modules from the same control voltage. A single knob and an offset voltage allows a change in the settings and response of modules simultaneously. The pitch and tracking of two or more oscillators or filters (for example) can be changed without re-adjusting the individual processing inputs or frequency knobs for each module.

Scaling Processor (SPRC)

The SCALING PROCESSOR (SPRC) is similar to the Dual Processor except it has three sections. The top two sections have one fixed gain input and one input with full processing. The bottom section has two inputs with full processing control (scaling and inverting) as well as an offset control. A fixed +5 volts is available at all times for use as an offset bias for the above sections or to change the range of a module or set or modules.

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