Saturday, May 12, 2018

Detailed info pages for STS Serge modules

Much of the information presented here has been migrated from the "Serge Modular Spreadsheet" that I put together several years ago, and which continues to be hosted on James Maier's Carbon111's Serge Modular Index

I originally assembled that spreadsheet while researching the Serge to get my head around the various things it could do. After purchasing some Serge modules I moved on and only came back to the spreadsheet when I needed to look up detail on a particular function block. 

And that's actually my main motivation for migrating these module descriptions to this blog: so that I can view them on my phone while standing in front of my Serge, rather than walking back and forth to my laptop.

Most of the module descriptions here are culled from 1982/83 Serge catalogs, and while the wording can be a bit stilted at times, the descriptions are still quite informative. There are a few nods to the Carbon111 site in cases where there are no catalog descriptions for certain modules. I don't claim any ownership of that information. I simply pulled it together from various places for my own purposes and wanted to make it available to others.

This repository is by no means comprehensive. Suggestions or additions are welcome: you can nudge me in the comments section. I can't promise I'll keep this blog on the bleeding edge of Serge esoterica, but I'll do my best to keep it reasonably up to date.

Additionally, when I'm able to make time for it, I'll add my own module walkthroughs.

Interested in ordering Serge? Contact Rex Probe at Sound Transform Systems in Hartland, WI by phone at (262) 367-3030.

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    Will peruse the site deeper once time permits.